Different rule-sets on same repositories?

We are running SonarQube version: 8.6.
I wonder if it is possible to have 2 different rulesets. We would like to be able to scan nightly the total sum of the code of a repository with less rules, while in the merge requests scan with the full ruleset.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Anders,

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You’ll need to set this up as 2 different projects / analysis jobs / 2 different sonar.projectKey values.


Hi Ann,
Thanks for the prompt reply!
But does that mean we have to have a licens that cover 2x amount of code lines?

Hi Anders,

Yeah, it does.

I didn’t bring that up because it wasn’t clear to me that you were on a commercial edition.


Hi Anders
at first I should say I am very new to sonarqube. and my question is that we are two different teams using the same sonarqube panel for our projects so we defined different projects but I couldnt find a way about how can I create a new rulesets for our project becasue we dont want to change other teams rules. is there any solution for that? I read the above conversation But it didn’t make sense for me yet can you pls guide me more? we are using * Community Edition

  • Version 9.2.3

@Sahar I recognize reviewing the documentation on Quality Profiles.

This is an old thread that I am going to close. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to raise a new topic.

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