Different quality profiles/gate for long lived branches of a project


We just purchased Sonarqube developer edition but we have an issue with the behavior of the “new” branch management especially the long lived one.

In our projects we have active development on multiple long lived branches, for example :

  • master
  • release/4.1.0 (future release)
  • release/4.2.0 (future release)
  • release/4.0.1 (maintenance release for the previous release)

Currently the quality profiles and quality gates are set for the whole project. The problem is that with that behavior you can’t modify the quality profiles for a specific release, it’s all or nothing.
Obviously we don’t want to modify the quality profile/gates that we chose for a specific release during its development (from a quality point of view we have to stand by the rules we chose at the beginning of the release life cycle or the KPI would mean nothing in the end…)

The only workaround is to create a project per release but we obviously won’t do that because the number of LOC would go through the roof and buying a license for the triple of our real LOC number is not something we will or want to do.

There should be an option that allow us to set a different quality profile/gate per long lived branch.