Different issues brought up on different OSs

I’ve been developing a sonar-plugin locally on my PC, to test it I’ve been running it on Sonarqube 8.3 with the latest scanner on Windows. I got no issues on the file I analyzed.

I then tried to deploy it on my company’s SonarQube : I stopped their instance, put my jar in the extensions/plugins folder and restarted it. They’re running Sonar 7.2 on Linux. When I looked at the results of the analysis, I noticed differences in the issues, one of them coming up because of whitespaces apparently. Are the lexers giving different ASTs depending on the OS ?

I tried compiling the plugin with the two versions of Java (the one I have locally and the one on the server) and I tried downloading their instance and running the scan with it locally but it gave me the same result as when I was using 8.3, so not a Sonar version problem.

Any idea where this might be coming from ? Thanks in advance.