Deprecated S1148 finds issues but suggested replacement S4507 does not

We are using SonarQube Version 8.9.6, Java Code Quality and Security plugin, and sonar.scanner.appVersion=

Rule S1148 is deprecated. The suggested replacement rule is S4507.
Both rules are enabled currently in our quality profile.
S1148 is reporting 28 uses of Throwable.printStackTrace()
S4507 is not reporting any of these. In fact, it is not finding any issues at all.

Can anyone explain why this might be?

Hey there.

S4507 is a Security Hotspot rather than an issue – have you checked the Security Hotspots tab of your project (make sure to check both New Code and Overall Code)

Ok, got them, thank you

It is misleading when viewing in the issues page to see it say there are 0 hits for that rule.

Also, while this might be a minor security hotspot, it is a major code smell because it undermines good, consistent logging practice.