Deploying eslint-bridge takes more 8 minutes for any scanner

Hi Team, how are you? I have several problems with the sonar scanner in my project. We use MSBuild and Sonar Community EditionVersion 9.2.1.

When a developer makes a change, they request a PR and this in turn runs a Jenkins pipeline.

We had to deactivate this pipeline because it takes more than 20min.

Adding /d:sonar.verbose=true . We could see that this took approximately 8min.

15:35:05  18:34:42.873 INFO: Sensor JavaScript analysis [javascript]
15:35:05  18:34:42.876 DEBUG: Deploying bundle
15:35:05  18:34:42.876 DEBUG: Deploying eslint-bridge into C:\workspace\ui\continuous-integration\.sonarqube\out\.sonar\.sonartmp\eslint-bridge-bundle
15:41:58  18:41:52.928 DEBUG: Deploying bundle (done) | time=430052ms
15:41:58  18:41:52.928 DEBUG: Starting server

Could someone tell me what is this eslint-bridge-bundle and how I can improve this time, this is unacceptable. The greatest amount of time passes through this deploy that I don’t know what it is.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Danilo Ulbrich.


SonarQube 9.2.1 is getting a bit dusty at this point. Can you upgrade to the latest, 9.6.1, and let us know if you can replicate the problem?


Thanks !!

I will try with this.

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