Define a custom name of GitHub check for a SonarQube project

We use SonarQube 7.7 Developer edition with Pull Request plugin.
In our setup we have a couple of projects in one GitHub repository: C++/TypeScript/Python.
For each of project placed in one GitHub repository we have a SonarQube project.
This configuration is problematic, as once we configured Pull Request plugin to annotate PRs it uses the same check name for all SonarQube projects. Let’s see an example:

  • A PR is created for our GitHub repository
  • We run 4 different analysis and send those to SonarQube with pullrequest configuration
  • If the first analysis will fail, the result will be overridden by other analysis which was run out of the same PR.

Proposed solution:
Add an ability to configure per sonarqube project the name of performed github check, so that we can attach more than one SQ Analysis to one GH project.