Allow GitHub Check/Context to be Configurable

(Eric Sauser) #1

When integrating with GitHub SonarQube automatically decorate PRs with the check/context name of SonarQube. It would be nice if this was configurable through a property, for example, sonar.pullrequest.context.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


What’s your use case?


(Eric Sauser) #3

I want to use this pull request resource in Concourse to indicate the check is pending. It always prefixes the check with concourse-ci, so without the ability to customize on the Sonar side, I can’t match them.

(G Ann Campbell) #4


I’m still fuzzy on the context, but it may help to know that you can set any analysis property named sonar.analysis.[your property name] and it will be passed forward in the analysis context.


(Eric Sauser) #5

Fuzzy context is fine… the point is that it would be helpful in my case to be able to specify the name of that check when it goes to GitHub. Literally everything is already customizable via sonar.* properties, it seems reasonable that the name of this check/context posted to GitHub also be, via something like sonar.pullrequest.context. Is this something that can be considered for a new feature?

(G Ann Campbell) #6


It’s not on the list right now. Perhaps instead you can simply use sonar.analysis.pullrequest.context?


(Eric Sauser) #7

The problem isn’t the ability to pass a value, rather the value. If I specify sonar.analysis.pullrequest.context it will not change the name passed to GitHub since that is handled by Sonar itself. It will need to be configured to look for that value.

To be clear, this is the name I’m referring to. SonarQube.

(G Ann Campbell) #8

Okay. Thanks for the clarification.