Default Python file suffix appears to be missing the dot

We’re using SonarQube 9.6 and I found this:

It looks like the default python suffix is missing the dot.

For reference, other languages seem to consistently have dots in their file suffixes, like C#

I suppose the the missing dot in this pattern has a risk of causing false positives when detecting python files, where files without an extention that happen to end with “py” would be detected as python files. Otherwise, files that have a normal “.py” suffix should be matched anyway.

Hey there.

Thanks for the feedback.

In fact, there’s just inconsistency between the various analyzers that make up our analysis engine – some add the dot, and some don’t. The internal logic still ensures that the only file suffixes are considered.

Interesting. Even if it’s not an issue, maybe it would be nice to resolve that inconsistency just so that it doesn’t seem confusing.