Default branch "master" branch has not been analyzed yet

  • ALM
    Azure Devops
  • CI system
    Azure Devops
  • Scanner command used when applicable
    Azure Devops pipelines tasks
  • Languages of the repository
    .NET Core
  • Error observed
    Your default branch has not been analyzed yet.
  • Steps to reproduce
    Hi all,
    I run the azure devops pipelines tasks in which a Pull request scan is performed.

In sonarcloud it shows the result of the pull request scan, however SonarCloud shows me the following message

I have merged into the default branch, but the scan of the “master” branch has not yet been executed.

How can I get the default branch to be scanned?

Hey there.

Have you run your pipeline on the master branch, and does that pipeline include SonarCloud analysis?

Hi Colin,

The analysis is only executed from branches that will be merged into the main branch “master”

Is it mandatory to run the scan from the master branch?

To get an analysis of your master branch, yes, it is mandatory to analyze the master branch.

I get it, thank you very much for the clarification.