Database Server Collation and Database collation

I am trying to setup an MS SQL Server database. I noticed one of the requirements is to make sure "Collation is set to case-sensitive and accent-sensitive:
Collation can be set on the database server as well as on the database itself, my question is that does the collation set on the database server and on the database be the same as stipulated in the requirement ? My version of SonarQube to use with the database is SonarQube 6.7.5, SQL Server could be 2012, 2014 or 2016.
Please assist.


Only the collation of the SonarQube schema needs to to follow the contraints.


I have had some discussions with a SQL DBA guy.
He would not recommend to use a SQL instance with a collation different from the required collation of a given database. The primary concern was the use of the built in TempDB as this database would have the same collation as the instance.
In this case we have a SQL 2016 Instance with collation A-S, C-I. And would like to place our SonarQube DB on that instance. This thread confirms that this is OK if the SonarQube database has collation A-S, C-S. Can we have confirmed that the collation requirement for SonarQube does not give issues if the TempDB has collation A-S, C-I on the SQL server instance?

Br Martin