Custom sonar-xml plugin error when it is installed from marketplace in sonarQube

Thank you for your help!
I have developed a sonar-xml plugin, but it occurred error when installed from marketplace.
There were two kinds of error, the one was "NoClassDefFoundError: org/sonarsource/analyzer/commons/RuleMetadataLoader" when I removed the configuration
"<basePlugin>xml</basePlugin>" from "sonar-packaging-maven-plugin". The other one was "BasRequestException: Rule was removed: xml: xxxxCheck" when I remained the configuration
"<basePlugin>xml</basePlugin>". For the last error, it would disappear when I added the removed rule in my custom plugin manually.

And there is already a sonar-xml plugin in SonarQube, one SonarQube doesn’t support to install two xml plugin extending sonar-xml-plugin?


I don’t understand the question.


Sorry, I didn’t express my question explicitly.

I don’t know the reason that I failed to install the custom xml plugin in SonarQube.
The first error I met as the following picture (sry, I cannot get the original picture).

The second error picture can be seen below.


Please provide the log in a text format: copy/paste it into a post, please. Bonus points for code-formatting it with ``` on the line before and on the line after.


I have solved the problem. My plugin jar occurred NoClassDefFoundError exception from lack of some sonar libraries.
Thank you for your reply.


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