Custom Runner [Specific Runner] not picking jobs

In further to below post as suggested by @dimitris.kavvathas , I have made custom runner with docker executor, but the thing is if I try to use it by turning off shared one runner [by default its running], then its showing pending state [check screenshot].

Do we need to add runner information inside .yml to get it run?
Please suggest.

Hey there.

Here I’m guessing that #12 is the runner that you set-up with docker executor?

My gut tells me that if it’s not picking up jobs… you may want to try reinstalling the runner or getting in touch with Gitlab support.

Just one idea – have you set job tags / set “untagged” as documented here?

  1. In the Tags section, in the Tags field, enter the job tags to specify jobs the runner can run. If there are no job tags for this runner, select Run untagged.

Thanks @Colin , After reinstall it starts working again