Custom Rule for avoid keyword

Hi Everyone
I’ m using sonarqube 8.1 and trying to custom rule set for avoid some keyword for our team.
I found “future reserved words” should not be used as identifiers rule to avoild keyword set .If it possible to add more keyword by ourself.

Welcome, @mrkrit!

Yes, you can add a custom rule that extends

First, read about Rules then you can read about customizing and extending coding rules here. Not all languages are supported, so make sure to read the docs.

Next, if you still have trouble, we a separate category forum for Writing Rules. You will find many examples and links from previous posters. Here is a repository of examples:

For Java, please reference this post, which will give you examples on how to set up custom rules: Create java custom rule

Please reply with your status if you have any further questions.


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Hi @Joe
Thankyou for your advice. BTW may i ask one more question.
If it possible to modfiy base on default rule.I’d like to add more keyword from “future reserved words” rule.

For exmple

  • foo
  • bar

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