Check identifier spelling against blacklist?

SQ 8.6.0.

There are regex-based rules for checking the orthography of identifiers, e.g., whether a class name uses PascalCase. Some of them use specific strings, such as java:S2047, which looks for ‘is’ or ‘has’.

Is there a way to look for forbidden words rather than required words? In other words, I’d like to check all identifiers (not just one category, like class name, but anything) against a blacklist of forbidden spellings. Mainly we’re looking for common abbreviations we’d rather not use, for consistency. As a made-up example, say we have a project where some people use EOF as an abbreviation for “end of file” and others use EOFile. We’d like everyone to use the former, so we’d like to flag the latter.

Of course, that could be searched with a script, but we’d like the “improper” use to be flagged right away by SonarLint.