Custom plugin for Csharp language


I want to create a new custom CSharp plugin with some specific rules.
I would want to analyze code with a framework that could use AST.

I already work on custom plugin for Python, PHP and Java and for each there is libraries that we can use to analyse code with AST. I’m a core-contributor of “ecoCode-java”, “ecoCode-python” and “ecoCode-php” plugins (you can find them here : Green Code Initiative · GitHub )

I tried this one Maven Central: org.sonarsource.dotnet:sonar-csharp-plugin but I didn’t find an API to use AST.
For Java, we have Maven Central:
For PHP, we have Maven Central:
For Python, we have Maven Central:
Each one of them have an APi to use AST, but not Csharp plugin.

Do you think it already exits for Csharp and if yes, can you give me a github project example ?

Thank you a lot.


Hey there.

There’s no particular API for writing custom rules for C# – we suggest writing custom roslyn analyzers which can, if necessary, be bundled and provided as a plugin using the GitHub - SonarSource/sonarqube-roslyn-sdk: SDK for SonarQube Roslyn Analyzer Plugins.

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Hi @Colin,

ok. thank you for answer. I will check it.