Custom Java Plugin install dependecy

Hi. I’ve been developing a custom java plugin which will be installed on sonarqube whenever we redeploy the instance.

My question is:
I’ve seen that it depends on a plugin
but if I install a fresh sonarqube on my local, the installation fails because it can’t find this dependency.
Why is this happening?

I would expect it to check if it has it, and if it doesn’t, to download and install it, then install my plugin. Exactly like here:

Anyone? :frowning:


How are you doing that?

Dependencies are transitively installed only when you install a plugin using the update center. If you copy manually the JAR to the extensions/plugins folder, then you are on your own.

Yep, that’s exactly how i’m doing it. I copy the plugin into the plugins directory. Ok, so i need to make sure the sonar java plugin is installed first. Thank you.