css:S4664 false positive in SCSS since today

Hey there,

sine this morning the rule css:S4664 is creating masses of Code Smells for SCSS files. Until yesterday all was fine. Today we have > 10.000 smells.


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  • Github Autoscan
  • PHP / HTML / (S)CSS

We disabled the rule for now, but I would like to revert this or understand our issue.

Thanks and best regards,

Hey there.

CSS analysis was last upgraded 3 weeks ago on SonarCloud, so I’m surprised to hear anything has changed here yesterday.

This rule is turned off in the default Quality Profile for CSS on SonarCloud. Is it possible something changed in the Quality Profile assigned to this project yesterday (that you’ve already reverted)?

Hi Colin,

thanks for your feedback.

We have this rule enabled for our custom Quality Profile for quite some time now.
We haven’t changed anything regarding the Sonar Config within the last couple of weeks or even months. That’s why we were surprised by this as well. I literally came out of nowhere.
We just disabled that rule within the used Quality Profile.

It might be that today`s PR was the first one touching SCSS files again within the last couple of weeks. But I would have to check that back with our DEVs.



Were these issues being raised in a PR analysis or main branch analysis (or both?)

It came up in the context of a PR analysis.