I am getting few false positive code smells | java:S125

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I am getting java:S125 code smell and it is false positive, how can I get rid from it, basically how to get rid of these code smells which are adding to total count

          // Generate the schema for rows
             * Example:
             * If recordType = "positions", topic = "positionsTopic"
             * The generated schema for rows will be:
             *   "type Positions {
This block of commented-out lines of code should be removed.
             *       FIELD1: FieldType1
             *       FIELD2: FieldType2
             *       ...
             *    }"
            rowsSchema.append("type ").append(recordTypeObject).append(" {\n");


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This particular rule works on a heuristic, which is necessarily a bit loose. To the rule (and at a quick glance), most of this looks exactly like code.

Your best bet is just to mark this instance False Positive. Or if you’re getting to many of these, you may just want to disable the rule.