csharpsquid:S3358 considers lambdas for nesting

Version: SonarQube 9.5

I have noticed this code snippet raises S3358 (avoid nested ternary operators):

public Func<TObject, ReportCellStyle> GetFormat<TObject>(bool withTime, Func<TObject, bool> withTimeAccessor)
    return withTimeAccessor != null
        ? item => withTimeAccessor(item) ? ReportCellStyle.DateTime : ReportCellStyle.Date
        : item => withTime ? ReportCellStyle.DateTime : ReportCellStyle.Date;

This is a case of a ternary operator returning lambdas which contain a ternary operator.
This is different from having nested ternary operators in the same “code flow” and I don’t know if this rule should apply to this specific case.

I have encountered this issue with C# but it might apply to other languages with similar constructs.


I think this is a false positive. I created a PR here to fix it. We will discuss it internally, and you can track progress on GitHub at the PR.


I’m not sure if I agree on this being a false positive; the rule is about readability, and lambda’s involved do make a difference in that respect.

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