csharpsquid:S103 and long URLs

SonarCloud is complaining about long lines with URLs.

private ITelemetryOperation StartTelemetryOperation(IInvocation invocation)
	// https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/azure/azure-monitor/app/custom-operations-tracking#http-request-in-owin-self-hosted-app?THIS_URL_IS_TO_LONG

It is possible to configure Sonar to ignore (without #pragma warning disbale) such code lines. I Cannot break this URL into multiple lines without breaking navigation to hyperlink.

Hey there.

Do you have a proposed heuristic in mind – like ignoring comments that only contain URLs? I have a feeling it will be hard to find something that doesn’t add a lot of complexity to a relatively simple rule.

Keep in mind you can also mark the finding as Won’t Fix or False Positive in the SonarCloud UI.

I would be satisfied if any line with an URL is not detected by Sonar.
It doesn’t matter if the URL is inside a comment or a variable declaration or inside a method parameter.

// https://very-long-url


public void Main()


public void Main()


  /// <summary>
  ///   The Foo method is called from
  ///   <see cref="https://very-long-url">Main</see>       <---------
  /// </summary>
  /// <mytag>Secret stuff</mytag>
  /// <param name="s">Description for s</param>
  static void Foo(string s) { Console.WriteLine(s); }


We have had a look at the rule and we believe that the correct way to go is to mark it as a won’t fix in the UI. Understanding the content of the lines would slow down the rule considerably.

All the best,