Createing rules of the simple way

Hi, guys.

I’m new here, and don’t know if someone aswered yeat this questions.
I’m testing SonarQube to a greate context in my company, but somethings is confused for me. My Company have a multiples stacks of the tecnologies, with desktop tecnology, mobile tecnology, web tecnology, and using various languages.

Some questions:
1 - I saw that SonarQube have default rules to validate my aplication, but I don’t find a simple way to create my rules. Perhaps a Window with visual configuration, I finded some probaly solutions with developing custom rules with plugins. Someone known if exist a simple way to create custom rules to several languages?

2 - How do I get SonarQube to support a new language you don’t have in your collection? for example: PowerBuilder, Vue.js, etc.

3 - When buy a Enterprise Licence, what will we have with this package? If possible send detailed about it.

4 - In case of the languages who don’t support custons rules. How our teans create rules in scenario different of the default rules?


Hey @altamirdiascassiano,

This actually depends on what you refer to by custom rules. Sure it’s possible: some rules can be configured so they fit your needs. For more advanced needs, you’ll have to Develop a custom plugin and Add some rules.
Though I’m curious about what kind of rules you aim here? In what exactly are they specific to your needs and could not benefit a broader audience?
Also check Community plugins.

Community plugins if any, or Custom plugin. We have kind of a Starter Kit to help. And a proper javadoc.

Arf my colleagues from Marketing will be disappointed that you didn’t find out :slight_smile:. The main Download page should be enough to answer.

Hmm, I have the feeling to repeat this, but the answer is again Custom plugin. The subtility here is that this plugin will have to do all the job: lexing, parsing, implementing rules, etc.

I hope it helps.


Good morning,
Thank you for your help.

In case 1: Eg.: Security failed in line 57, but passed in line 62. I believe that our custons rules will something like this.

Hello @altamirdiascassiano
The rule 2068 can be easily customized by creating a new quality profile and adding the passwords (credentialWords parameter) you are expecting:

Now the rule also raises issues when it finds usario and senha variables:


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Excelent, this greatly improves the scenario. My concern was that we could not even add new parameters.
Thank you very much.

Hi Altamiro
I can help you on PowerBuilder, tell me if it is still a need

Can you please help me to identify the scanner for powerbuilder. let me know.