Create Symlinks for downloading "simple Versions"

Hi everyone,

TL;DR: Starting with 8.1.x the Format of the Filename changed. I would like to suggest a symlink that is “simple-versioned” for every download that points to the real (more complicated) file URL. For this example i would like to be able to download the (on the Website advertised as) 8.2 Version of sonarqube via the URL

To go into more details i want to tell you about the way i fell into the trap of trying to download the binary for sonarqube-

Then i accessed the download page mentioned at the bottom of Anns Announcement Post and inspected the download URL for the 8.2 community edition.

The Link i found there pointed not to but to

In the future I would like to download the next Sonarqube without browsing any webpage just by changing a variable in my script and therefore suggest the abovementioned solution (simple URL that points to the more complicated one)


Hey Daniel,

Any particular reason Why? other than that you were used to the old format of URL? It seems a pretty rare occasion that somebody tries to download a new version of SonarQube without going to (or at least, I’d like to think that’s the entrypoint for most people downloading SonarQube)

Hi Colin,

i guess its just that now i have extra steps to get to the same result as before. Before that it was enough to see the new version advertised as e.g “8.3 out now!” … then i changed the variable to that and went to work.

Now i have to find out exactly how it is named. It is not a big hastle, just a minor change i have to comply to.

yes, i understand the point of view why you’d like to think that for most ppl … and you probably are right :slight_smile: as always it is a trade off where you made a decision. I assume i am not the only one that fell into that trap. Do you monitor 404s? You could watch for simple-version-404s and find out how ppl consume your product. Just brainstorming, pls unread the last sentences.

If i may ask … what are the reasons/benefits that make it interesting for me to know the less-than-minor-versions?

Being totally transparent: this change was mainly made to make SonarQube easier to release from a technical POV, (something that I understand was becoming… a bit of a struggle). You can read more about it at SONAR-12665.

Otherwise stated – the change wasn’t made to benefit end-users directly, although it now takes the team less time to release and the release is less risky so… a benefit in a roundabout way :slight_smile:

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thank you for linking the jira issue! being able to comprehend the reasoning (and seeing the thought process behind that) helps a lot

after thinking more intensely about the ways this “impacts” myself (minor impacts, therefore the “”) i think the general outcome outweighs my process change.

interesting read, by the way! Thank you for taking the time getting this information through.


Our SonarQube install/update automation also broke because of this change, so I’m wondering…

How do I find out this 4 digit version number (i.e.
It’s not mentioned on the download page or anywhere in the release notes. Currently I have to check the download URL in order to get the 4 digit version number, which is pretty cumbersome. :-/

Could the 4 digit version information be added to the download page or the release notes?