Create new project analysis - Bitbucket Method

Hi All - I’m new with everything here and I appreciate having your guidance with my new project in Sonarcloud. I’ve have created successfully a new organization, imported the team and repositories from Bitbucket. Next the analysis Method, so I chose ( Analyze a project with Bitbucket Pipelines ), over there I chose Other for " chose What option best describes your build? ", this is because my repository project in bitbucket is built with NextJS. , the next step is choosing the OS used to run the build, at this step im confused because everything is on Bitbucket - Amazon AWS - Vercel, so I’m not sure why the question is related to Win MacOS Linux ?. I want to run the analysis to start monitoring the repo on bitbucket and pull new requests and commit changes. Thx.

Hey there.

I can confirm from my testing that something does appear to be wrong with the tutorial for Bitbucket Pipelines when using an Unbound project.

But when using a bound project (check the documentation linked) I’m taken down the right path (no need to select an OS)

Is your project bound or unbound?

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The organization is bound with bitbucket… please check the screenshots. Thx.

The organization appears to be, but not the project itself. Can you delete the project and provision directly via the "Analyze new project’ wizard?