Create a HTML/PDF report for Sonar Analysis -Sonarqube-7.8

I want to create HTML Report from sonarqube-7.8 community edition


What type of reports are you looking for? For example, do you want reports for the most recent analysis?

If you’re looking for that type of report, there is not a built in export feature. As it stands, the Web API is the best way to pull project-level data out of SonarQube and into another format (JSON being the intermediary format) and use that data for external reporting.

On the other hand, if you want a more comprehensive report, the Portfolio report feature is available in SonarQube Enterprise editions and above.

You can find more details in this Community post.
I hope it helps!

Hello,Thanks for asking. Yes i wanted a report for most recent analysis.

If i have to use WebAPI, Please guide me to do.


You could start by exploring the api/measures endpoint to gather the measures for your project, however the API is extensive so you could pull out other data as well.

I suggest checking out the API documentation which you can access in the footer of your SonarQube instance in the “Web API” link to explore and select the options that suit your needs.