How to export results as a PDF report?

I am using SonarQube 9.6.0 community edition,How can I create a SonarQube analysis details report as a PDF form, an excel report, or an html formatted report?

No plugin seems to be available for this.

I was unable to generate an html file using below configuration:

Is there any changes required in this file and where i can find report file.

Hey there.

PDF Reports are available starting in the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube.

Most of the time, we think it’s best that you give access to other users to access the SonarQube instance to view up-to-date information with all the necessary context, rather than craft a detailed export.

Thank for the update

That means this feature is not available for the free version of SonarQube right.

But in free community eddition i am getting like report generated,is there any way to find that path.

This is the report to be processed by the SonarQube server – it’s not in a format to be read by humans (or meant for any other processing than being submitted to the SonarQube server).

Thanks for the update