Coverage shows 0%

I am facing a Sonar Cloud issue and can’t seem to find any reason behind it. I have a job that builds some front-end applications but for some reason.

My parameters in the pipeline are the following:

/home/user/Documents/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner -X \ -Dsonar.projectKey=TEST \ Dsonar.sources=src \ -Dsonar.tests=src \ -“/target/classes” \ -Dsonar.test.inclusions=“src//tests//” \ Dsonar.exclusions=“src//tests//,src/testUtils//*” \ -
Dsonar.coverage.exclusions=“src//mock.ts,src//Mock.ts,src//*style.ts,src//stories.ts,src//stories.tst,src/theme//.,src/storybook//.,sec/navigators/ScreenNames.ts,src/components/Storybook//.” \ Dsonar.cpd.exclusions=“src//mock.ts,src//Mock.ts,src/theme//.” \ -
Dsonar.javascript.Icov.reportpaths=coverage \ \ -Dsonar.login=kDLHSJKDHwidja

For some reason the line coverage shows 0%. I have read that async operations might break Sonar Cloud, could this be the reason?

Hey there.

What do the logs about importing code coverage say?