Coverage report is getting generated, but unable to see coverage

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07:29:52.736 DEBUG: Using pattern ‘**/cov_reports/coverage.xml*’ to find reports

07:29:52.787 INFO: Python test coverage

07:29:52.802 INFO: Parsing report ‘/home/desjensl/jenkins_slave/metamodeling-jenkins/vihlaslave73/workspace/mm_feature_pytest_coverage_reqmm/cov_reports/coverage.xml’

07:29:52.947 ERROR: Cannot resolve the file path ‘_testenv/system/certifi/certifi-2018.1.18-py3.6.egg/certifi/’ of the coverage report, the file does not exist in all ‘source’.

07:29:53.075 ERROR: Cannot resolve 267 file paths, ignoring coverage measures for those files

Is there any way to fix this?
For backstory, I got a code coverage with same error on one build and when i reran the build I was not getting any coverage but both build had same warning


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There is a mismatch between the paths in your coverage report and the paths that analysis sees. You’re going to have to resolve that.