Coverage in autoscan ETA?

Do you guys have a eta for coverage support for autotest?

Language: Javascript

Thanks in advance.

Hi Petter,

we want to work on it this year, but we have no ETA yet.

The idea would be to allow somehow coverage information to “complete” (asynchronously) an autoscan-based analysis - because we don’t want to start running tests on our side (we’ve already followed that path in the past and it’s just impossible to do something good).

Out of curiosity, are you already relying on some cloud service for the coverage? (like for instance)

Thanks for the answer.

We used SonarQube before. We have Instabul with mocha to generate the .lcov files.
We dont want to have the coverage files in the source, but if they was, would it be possible for autoscan to pick them up like with the travis plugin for example (sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths="coverage\report\
Thanks for the tip. We can use that for now

That would probably work. But to be honest, IMO this is not a good idea to put report files in the source code and I would not recommend doing this.

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