Run autoscan after a github action so test coverage is reported


I’m trying to run autoscan after a github action finishes running. Is this possible with autoscan or is the sonarcloud github action the only solution?

Currently I run a github action to create an lcov test coverage report using istanbul. Once this github action finishes running, I want sonarcloud autoscan to have access to the file. Currently autoscan finishes before the coverage report is finished running and my test coverage is not reported.

Hi @thisFunction and welcome to our Community!

Currently, AutoScan (Automatic Analysis) does not support coverage report. We are working on it for this year.

Currently, automatic analysis has the following limitations:

* It is only available for GitHub repositories.
* Multiple projects bound to a single repository (the *monorepo* strategy) are not supported.
* Compiled languages (Java, C#, VB.NET, C/C++, and ObjectiveC) cannot be analyzed.
* T-SQL and PL/SQL cannot be analyzed automatically because they share the same file extension, so this requires manual configuration in the CI-based mode.
* Code coverage information is not supported.
* Import of external rule engine reports is not supported.

AutoScan is not compatible with a CI approach, including GitHub Actions. Please check out documentation about it.

Thank you @Alexandre_Holzhey for the clarification!