Couple of issues with SonarCloud


First, I would like to get some information on an issue we have been dealing with.
In projects dashboard, our project has the following message: “The main branch of this project is empty.”

But the main branch of this project “master” is not empty.

Another question that we have, can we set a custom email where we will get notified if we were to ever exceed the lines of code of the package that we have running?

From my understanding, the normal behavior is for emails to arrive to the email address mentioned in the billing section. Thanks in advance

Hey there.

How are you executing analysis? Is it executing automatically (per Automatic Analysis) or have you configured analysis in the CI?

If an analysis were to make your SonarCloud organization exceed your plan, the analysis would fail to process with instructions to get in contact with the administrators of the organization. No other notification is offered.

Hi Colin, the analysis for this project is being done via circle-ci

Okay – what do the analysis logs say?

Feel free to share logfiles, screenshots (especially of your project dashboard and the Code tab of your main branch) etc.

In Code section, I can only see the pages search section, and the page background, the rest appears blank
And this error message: 6245eb8f-e3ad-4da5-90a2-7948fd752327


It looks like Automatic Analysis was at one point enabled for this project, and was disabled. Are you now running analysis in CircleCI, for example using the CircleCI Developer Hub - sonarsource/sonarcloud orb?

You are correct Colin, we are using the sonarcloud orb to do the scanning during the CI/CD pipeline

Alright, so we’re back here:

You can redact sensitive information if necessary.

Can you advise me where I can find this log

Hi Colin, please direct us what other information would help you with this issues?

In your CircleCI pipeline logs, there will be output from using the sonarsource/sonarcloud orb, and those are the interesting logs here.

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It looks like this is an analysis of a pull request.

Has the same orb run during a build of your main branch?

It looks like every file is considered ignored once inclusions/exclusions are taken into account.

I would recommend reviewing the Analysis Scope to understand what changes you need to make to your inclusions/exclusions so that files are actually analyzed.

Colin, I was able to fix the issue by adjusting the Analysis scope.
We can close the thread. Thanks again

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