Couldn't verify your authorization

We have an Enterprise Managed User version of GitHub and some users report getting this error when they try to log in.

“Hey! Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page”

We can’t identify a pattern to it or a way around it. Sometimes it goes away on it’s own but for some users it remains consistent for days. I’ve had the users revoke their SonarCloud GitHub App to force it to flow through the new user workflow again and that part works every time. They still end up with this error though.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the error:
MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

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I really need assistance with this. I couldn’t find any other kind of support page, that’s why I’m asking it here. Is there a different way to resolve this issue?

At least two similar cases in my organization. We are using authentication via Azure Devops.
A few days ago there were some maintenance notifications - now this same error…


I am investigating the issue. Could you please share with me the name of your organization and the usernames of some of your users who faced this issue? Please share both SonarCloud and the code repository platform usernames if possible. I will create a private channel for it.

After some investigation, it seems that the problem might be in the communication between Github and Azure AD.

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