Couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page

Dear SonarCloud team, a large customer on SonarCloud is facing connection issues. Here is the problem as laid out by the customer:

[…] one [REDACTED] user that receives [the] following message when logging to sonarcloud, he was removed from [the] organization and added again but no change. […] the user is [REDACTED]

Post-publication edit: for the record, the error message reads: Hey! Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page. When we tried, here’s what the provider said: You can’t sign up because login “REDACTED” is already used by an existing user

Please feel free to contact me in case you would need any additional information from our side

Thanks, @BartoszWilga, you will be contacted if needed.

Have a good end of your day

The user can now log back into SonarCloud after the fix was implemented.

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