Could not find ref 'master' in refs/heads, refs/remotes

I know there is a number of topics with the same problem but to be honest none of them replied to the root cause.
I’m running on Sonar Community edition 9.5 with a plugin GitHub - mc1arke/sonarqube-community-branch-plugin: A plugin that allows branch analysis and pull request decoration in the Community version of Sonarqube
Analysis are invoked from Teamcity builds on number of different agents (Linux based virtual machines) and it works like that for months. Recently for some projects (gradle, java) the Warning from the subject start appearing on the analysis of pull-requests. I found a small workarround to force analysis for master on a particular agent and after that analyse pull-request on the agent and it works. But it was never the case before so I’m not sure what happened. The workaround is weak as it requires additional build runs which is time consuming.
Any advice / suggestion / hint ?

Thanks in advance,


That plugin isn’t supported in this community. You’ll need to direct your questions to its maintainers.