Corrupted database - looking to check for consistent state

SonarQube version : 6.7.4

We were migrating our database from MySQL5.6 to MySQL5.7 and we noticed that the database was corrupted. We are still using the same database as we lost the original database (so there is no way we can get another backup). SonarQube 6.7.4 seems to be running ok for now. But our DB admin thinks there is some inconsistency that we might not be capturing at the moment and it could bite us later in the days.
I wanted to check to see if there is any way I can check the consistency state of the database by running a command in the background while starting it up or anything on the MySQL side to check the status ?
Also making sure that by doing the check for consistent state, we are not introducing a time lag or discrepancies in the reports while running SonarQube.

Thanks much !


Hello !

What do you mean by “the database was corrupted” ? Any specific table / column / index ?