Container 'docker' exceeded memory limit on bitbucket pipeline failure

I am facing this error in my bitbucket pipeline .Please guide me about its fix. Please also find my pipeline code along with error screenshot.



 - step:
     name: Sonar cloud Testing
       - pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:1.4.0
          SONAR_TOKEN: ${SONAR_TOKEN}  # Optional
          EXTRA_ARGS: '-Dsonar.sources=src -Dsonar.tests=src -Dsonar.qualitygate.wait=true -Dsonar.test.inclusions="**/testing/**,**/*.spec.ts" -Dsonar.typescript.lcov.reportPaths=coverage/'
          SONAR_SCANNER_OPTS: -Xmx7128m
          DEBUG: "true"

Hey there.

Two questions

  • What’s happening in the pipeline when the docker container runs out of memory? Basically – what is the analysis doing? It would be great if you shared the logs from the end of the logs you shared a screenshot of (in text, not a screenshot)
  • Why have you configured this?