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  • Rider SonarLint plugin, VS 2019
  • Elements of my team use separate IDEs, Rider and VS. But it seems that Sonar is setup differently in VS and Rider. VS creates .sonarlint folder and ruleset files for each project, while Rider creates a sonarlint folder inside .idea
  • Is this intended? Is there a way to standardize the configurations?

Hi @pedro.n.carvalho,

No, there isn’t a way to standardise the configurations.

It is possible to make the VS binding less noisy/impactful e.g. by removing the project-level rulesets and using a Directory.Build.props instead (see here for more information). However, SonarLint VS will still look in the .sonarlint folder and SonarLint in Rider will still look in .idea\.sonarlint.

Hello, thanks for the answer!

Additional question: should we commit the files generated by VS? If so, can there be a difference in behaviour between Rider and VS?

Committing the files generated in VS won’t affect a Connected Mode analysis done in Rider. In Rider, the settings in the .idea folder will take precedence. In VS, the files in the .idea folder will be ignored.

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