Connect SonarQube Server to Bitbucket

SonarQube Enterprise Edition - 9.2.4
Bitbucket Server v7.21.0
Plugin - Include Code Quality for Bitbucket v6.0.3

I am attempting to connect my Bitbucket Server to SonarQube through the plugin. I know this works as I have connected another SQ server running DE (on the same network). Now I am attempting to connect my new SQ server with EE. Working with the perimeter security team, ports have been opened to allow the connection from network to network as I am able to push cross data and have code that has been scanned. One error I keep getting when trying to connect is: failed: connect timed out

Within the bitbucket plugin, I have selected configure and went through the wizard. It has my existing SQ DE server already and I have tried mimicking it, and played with many other options as well but can’t seem to get it to connect.

Hello @cbranc02 ,

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To confirm, you are attempting to connect the Mibex “Code Quality for Bitbucket” plugin? Have you referred to their documentation and support here?

I’ll reach out to you privately for obtaining logs to help confirm the source of the issue.