Connect 8.5.1 DE (web app container) to an Azure SQL

Hi, Is it possible to connect a SonarQube Developer version 8.5.1 which is running as container (web app container) to an Azure SQL? if yes, where can i find the configuration guide ?

Thank you

Hi @dorhost, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

I’m assuming you mean you’re running SonarQube DE as a Docker container using our image from Docker Hub?

From a database perspective, note that SonarQube is tested on our end with MSSQL Server 2014, 2016, and 2017. We’re not aware of any issues/differences that would be specific to the Azure SQL DB implementation of MSSQL. It’s not officially tested but is being used by other customers.

There is no specific guide for configuring a connection between SonarQube and Azure SQL, because from our perspective it’s just a matter of a JDBC URL and credentials like other database connection types. You’ll do this for the Docker container by passing values for the environment variables SONAR_JDBC_URL, SONAR_JDBC_USERNAME, and SONAR_JDBC_PASSWORD. The JDBC URL will have to formatted like this example: jdbc:sqlserver://dbhost:9999, where of course you have to substitute the host and port where Azure SQL is running.