Configure rule thresholds in SonarLint

It would be great to have ability of threshold editing in SonarLint. Some thresholds are inaccurate for various project types. Only way how to deal with it is to disable related rules (if threshold is too strict for project). There are no way to toughen existing rules at all.


Hi @Tomas_Lestyan

Thanks for the suggestion. Can you specify the IDE and language you are interested in?

Currently we are only supporting changing rules parameters by using connected mode to a SonarQube server or SonarCloud. There is also some options in Visual Studio by manually editing a file (only for C#/VB.NET and C++ rules so far).

FYI the ability to configure rules parameters for projects not using connected mode to SonarQube/SonarCloud has been released in all SonarLint flavors.

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