Configure NewExternalIssue

Hi, I want to add external Issue. I use NewExternalIssue for that purpose.
But I didn’t find options to configure external link and highlighting text.
I try to use NewHighlighting highlighting = context.newHighlighting(); , but it throws error when NewHighlighting already exist for file.

#1. How could I add a hyperlink to message?
#2. How could I highlight code ploc or line?


  1. Adding link in the issue message is not possible. You can add a link only in the rule description, that supports markdown.
  2. what we call code highlighting is in fact code colorization. This is already provided by our analyzer for Java code. So I’m not sure what you want to achieve? The issue location is already underlined with the red squiggle.
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Hi @Julien_HENRY , thanks.

“Link” case was solved, thanks a lot.

“highlighting” still in progress.

Could you advise some class to use for custom code colorization(decoration) on some line?
I want to give the possibility to the user to quickly identify that this section of code performs My custom issues.
I want something like this

This is not possible to augment the existing code colorization. Either you support entirely a new language, or add more rules to an existing language, in this case the highlighting is provided and can’t be changed.
Anyway highlighting is limited to some specific styles, you can’t create a new one.

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