Configure "Code Smell" rating

  • SonarQube 7.9.1
  • I’d like to better understand how to configure “Code Smell” with Java projects.
  • I’ve scanned, via gradle, a few java projects all with a myriad of issues … yet “Code Smell” still returns “A”.

Take a peek at the Maintainability Rating on the Metric Definitions page of the docs :slight_smile:

Maintainability Rating ( sqale_rating )
(Formerly the SQALE rating.) Rating given to your project related to the value of your Technical Debt Ratio. The default Maintainability Rating grid is:

A=0-0.05, B=0.06-0.1, C=0.11-0.20, D=0.21-0.5, E=0.51-1

The Maintainability Rating scale can be alternately stated by saying that if the outstanding remediation cost is:

  • <=5% of the time that has already gone into the application, the rating is A
  • between 6 to 10% the rating is a B
  • between 11 to 20% the rating is a C
  • between 21 to 50% the rating is a D
  • anything over 50% is an E
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Nice explanation, thank you for both the info and the link.