Commit not found in pull request (GitHub)

  • GitHub
  • Travis CI
  • Swift/Obj-C
  • Error: We get the following warning in a sonarcloud pull request: Pull request decoration did not happen. Commit ‘xxx’ not found in pull request ‘xxx’
  • Create a PR with 100+ commits
  • No workaround

This error was reported already as a sonarqube error and acknowledged as a bug in the GitHub integration here:

and it has been tracked and fixed:

This is quite critical for our workflow, as many developers work in our project and it is very common that PR branches diverge a lot from develop and have more than 100 commits combined. We have strong rules on coverage and this error prevents our code to get merged. I would like to know if this fix will make it to Sonarcloud, and if so if there’s any ETA. If not we might have to switch to another tool :frowning:

Thank you in advance.

Hello @dcacenabes, welcome to our Community!
Please, can you provide us with the background task ID for the failing analysis? This project is private? If not, can you tell me the project URL at SonarCloud?



Hi @Alexandre_Holzhey, thanks for the quick reply!! The project is private so I can’t share the URL.
Here you have a background task id:

I’d like to note that the analysis does not fail, it just produces a warning. The problem is that because of this it fails to calculate the coverage, and our workflow won’t allow that.

@dcacenabes, from the logs i saw that the Pull Request was decorated successfully, you probably have the Quality Gate comment did by our Bot, right? Please can you check if the warning message is Pull request Check Run status update failed instead of Pull request decoration did not happen? If is the first one, the Check Run state is successful? If yes, please ignore this warning, we are working with some scenarios where it is displayed but no problem happened at all (this warning should not disturb your coverage calculation and/or CI steps, since it is only displayed at SonarCloud UI and the scanner logs).

I am waiting for your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.



@Alexandre_Holzhey my bad. The message is indeed "Pull request Check Run status update failed."I got confused by the issue I linked, I thought I was seeing the same issue. The check run status update was actually successful!

Feel free to close this issues as resolved, and thanks for your help and time!

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