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I’m a new user of SonarQube cloud 8.4.2
I’m searching for a way to get all the issues( BUG especially) by using the Web Api of sonarQube, I don’t know why but I get always the results of the first analysis ( the same total of bugs …) that I launch 2 months ago I want to get the total of bugs detected in the analyse done yesterday for exemple I have 8 bugs but the API returns 198 bugs equivalent the bugs I had 2 month ago I use : api/issues/search I tried createdAt=2021-02-03 but it gives total = 0

is there another way

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Hi @K2021B ,

Just to clarify so we can help you better. You are a user of SonarQube or SonarCloud?


I use SonarCloud


Are these 8 bugs in the latest analysis the new bugs comparing to the first analysis that results in 198 bugs? Did the API return less bugs than you totally have? Can you share your API call (stripped of private data) to investigate?


I didn’t know why but it has been resolved by specifying the type of the metric as BUG,…

think you

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