Codes of warnings

Where can I find details about warnings I have? For instance: S928. Any documentation or explanations what I can do to fix problem. Thank you.

Hello @forenheith and welcome to the community!

There is no rule with such id. Are you using the official SonarSource plugin?

For valid rule id you can just search for the rule here:

Or if you are already looking at an issue you can press on “Why is this an issue?” to get to the rule documentation.


Hello @Abbas_Sabra , I’ve tried to search here

for instance, I have a warning with text S4136: All method overloads should be adjacent, which is pretty odd due to fact that both of the mentioned methods have the similar outcome type

Hello, @forenheith
I see you are searching for the rule IDs (SonarSource name for warning codes) on
Unlike SonarQube, the rules website does not support searching by rule IDs. To navigate to the rule description you can click on your language (I guess C# from your screenshot) and either

  • search for keywords from the message you get on the issue (you can use quotation marks to narrow the search, see for example “method overloads” that gives you S4136; note that this is imprecise and you might not find your exact rule) or
  • add “/RSPEC-4136” in the URL (note that I replaced the “S” prefix in the rule ID with the “/RSPEC-” prefix), so you get

Now you seem to be confused about how the rule description you find is relevant to the issue you are seeing. If it is the case, can you, please, elaborate more: what issue you see detected, what message you are getting, and what rule ID is associated with it?

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