Code smells: The request cannot be processed. Try again later

Hi everybody,
I’m using SonarQube Developper edition, host on a Docker container.
When I click on a code smell (or a security hotspot) to see details, I always have this error:

An analysis shows that function api/alm_settings/get_binding?project=myproject returns 404.

An idea of what happens ?


Hi @Pdassier ,

The call to api/alm_settings/get_binding is expected, and it won’t break anything if it returns a 404, nor display an error message in the UI. Error messages like the red one are typically shown when the UI doesn’t know how to deal with the error (like having a 503).

Can you check your browser’s network tab again? Your browser should show you another call that failed. If you don’t see anything, can you check your server logs?

I don’t see any 5xx error in the browser. I check in the log but I don’t know how to look for.
Do I need to activate TRACE debug level ?
What I need to search in the log ?

I found the solution: our SonarQube is behind an Azure Front Door that block some requests. After deactivating it, it works.

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