Code recognition after removal of exclusion

Hello community,

we’re currently using SonarQube in version 7.9.1 and in the past we defined some exclusions for code-duplications, as some of the contained code was pretty old and we wanted to have a clear picture of interesting issues on new code.

Now I’m interested in whether those previously excluded files are treated as new code during scans of a newer version of our repository, so whether those again found duplications are counted as “…% duplications on … new lines” (on the right side of the dashboard), or if they are just seen as duplications on the left side of the dashboard.

I already searched in the documentation and on the community forum but didn’t find this information, maybe someone can help me in that regard.

Thanks in advance.


First, it’s incumbent upon me to point out that your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to either the latest version or the current LTS at your earliest convenience.

Regarding your actual question, if the files are excluded from duplications calculation then… they’re excluded from duplications calculation - new and overall. They should still show up marked as new when they’ve been worked on (assuming the exclusion was just duplications and not a complete exclusion) but they won’t be included in duplications calculations.