How to ignore New Code issues in older files

Hello all,
We are using SonarQube 9.9, deployed as a service in a VM with separated SQL Server for the DB. We use a versioning (inclusion of version as a parameter in the sonar scanner) to define the New Code.

We want to be be able to avoid issues that may appear on old files whenever a small change is done on them. Can old files be excluded from scan based on creation or modification date?

I’ve been reviewing the New Code definition in the documentation, and I cannot find any clue on how to set this configuration.

The whole idea behind this is to focus only on new code (let’s say new classes and methods). Unfortunately, new files could be randomly distributed on folders, so analysis exclusions could be hard to define.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Fran,

The definition of New Code is all code that’s added or edited in the New Code period. If you edit an old file, the edits will be “new”.

There’s no way to get around this. That’s just how it works.