Code coverage not updating

C# application

Using Azure DevOps pipelines to create cobertura reports. I am not getting code coverage to publish to sonar. I am recieving this error when running code analysis.


WARN: Could not import coverage report ‘/home/vsts/work/_temp/4b18cf43-1a07-453a-872a-5ebf29c7c850/coverage.cobertura.xml’ because ‘Missing root element in /home/vsts/work/_temp/4b18cf43-1a07-453a-872a-5ebf29c7c850/coverage.cobertura.xml at line 2’

Hi @vexiked and welcome to the community !

Can you check that there is content in your cobertura file ? Or at least that it is correctly formed. Looks like SonarCloud is expecting a format that is not currently in that file.