Code coverage metrics in web hook payload


(Sam Anthonisz) #1


Would it be possible/desirable to include code coverage metrics in the payload delivered to web hooks?

In particular, now that SonarQube 7.4 is released and code coverage is reported on PR/short-lived branches, this would be quite useful information to provide to external systems in additional to the “Hardcoded short living branch quality gate” metrics.



(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Sam,

On reading the thread title, my first thought was “well, values for QG metrics are delivered in the payload, so maybe just add the metrics you care about to your QG since they should probably be there anyway.” And then I read the body and got to the part about PRs/SLBs. :slight_smile:

So… now my best answer is to try to be patient. We do plan to add “real” quality gates for PRs/SLBs (current ETA 2019Q1),

MF-1369 - Real Quality Gates for PRs and short-lived branches

and at that point you’ll benefit from the normal webhook behavior.