Clarification on pull request decoration docs

We have been using pull request decoration in azure devops for some time by setting a global configuration and no per-project configuration. This works perfectly fine.

Since upgrading to sonarqube 8.6 I’ve noticed that the docs say this about “non-imported” projects:


This documentation comment is not our experience. We do not set a project name or repo for our ‘manually created’ projects but pull request decoration works perfectly, which we are quite happy with.

Our pull request decoration is still working in azure devops as far as we can tell, however we also have gitlab. For gitlab we are noticing that merge request decoration only works when setting the per-sonarqube-project configuration as per the docs.

I have two questions:

  1. Why can GitLab not work without the per-project configuration? Is there a technical reason or is this to force people towards the import project wizard?
  2. If it is a business reason, are you going to enforce this for azure devops in the future as well (as per docs)?

For our use case it is much more useful to have a global config which ‘just works’ for pull request decoration instead of having to configure pull request decoration per-project. We would very much like to keep this for azure devops and to have this for gitlab.

Can anyone shine some light on this? @ganncamp perhaps?

Answered in Azure Devops project name missing warning after upgrade to DE 8.6

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